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Leadership succession

You know as well as we do that a strong leadership pipeline is critical to your future business success, yet many leading organisations find it one of their biggest challenges.

We’ve helped 28% of the current FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies

The pace of change in the modern world requires CEOs to transform organisations almost continuously while still improving performance. This constant transformation requires robust succession planning.

Whether you are looking to build along-term leadership pipeline, or react to a sudden departure, we can support you through the transition.

We use objective criteria, based on our industry knowledge and understanding of your leadership roles to help design, improve and implement effective emergency and long term succession plans so that you have the talent ready to step up when required.

  • Specialist: Our multi-lingual teams have delivered talent to 28% of the current FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies.
  • Inclusive: We champion diversity. For instance, 40% of all our successfully introduced candidates over the last 3 years have been female.
  • Agile: We are small enough to care but large enough to deliver. Our agile way of working means we can have the ideal candidate in role faster than many competitors.
  • Tech led: Having pioneered the use of video interviewing, we provide best-in-class assessment and screening.
“We knew that succession planning was something we should be focussing on but for various reasons were struggling with it internally. Bringing Pacific in as experts in this field helped us view succession more objectively. I am confident that we now not only have the right leadership ready to take on our future challenges but have also been able to provide valuable learning and development for the entire leadership team.”
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