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Mitigating the Risk of Bad Hires and Eliminate Bias with Data-Driven Decision Making Process.

Take the guesswork out of the Executive hiring process. Talk to us about using the Leadership Skills Assessment solutions to evaluate the DNA of your leadership team.

Assessment Solution for Mid- to Senior-level Candidates

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Assessment Solution for Senior-level and C-suite Candidates

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Building Cohesive Teams

Effective leadership is often the difference between organizational failure and success. You depend on your leaders to make critical tactical decisions, respond to market trends, and set strategic vision.

Instead of following “your gut feeling”, let decades’ worth of personality research be an objective foundation for talent decisions to evaluate your top candidates with confidence. And once you’ve selected your hire:

  • they’ll start in their new role with strategic self-awareness to leverage their strengths
  • avoid behaviors that get in the way of success
  • gain insight into the culture they create for their teams based on their motivators and values

Whether you are identifying internal talent or acquiring external talent, the beauty of personality tests is that they put everyone on a level playing field.

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The Key Benefits of Leadership Skills Assessments

Skills Assessments provide an in-depth look at a leader’s performance capabilities, challenges, and core drivers. They also help:

Eliminate Bias

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Reduce Time-to-hire

Minimize Staff Turnover

Create a Strong Culture

Build a
High-impact Team

The role of personality tests during the hiring process

Personality tests play a critical and unbiased role in the hiring process because they provide insight regarding the candidate’s fit and likelihood of success in the job.

They can be implemented at any point during the hiring process—from initial applicant screening to final candidate evaluation but should be just one of multiple data points used in the decision making process.

Scientifically validated personality tests improve hiring quality by ensuring that organizations hire candidates whose unique personality characteristics match those desired for the role and company’s culture.

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Meet Kathryn Williams, Hogan Certified Assessor

Kathryn is an accomplished Executive Search professional with extensive experience in placing diverse senior-level and C-suite leaders in highly matrixed and complex organizations across many geographies.

In her role as Head of Delivery, she partners with key clients to guide them toward appointments that will transform their business and secure their future. Through global collaboration and exceptional functional and industry expertise, together with her team, she delivers Executive Search, Leadership Skills Assessment and Succession, and Diversity Strategy services.

Kathryn’s passion for building high-performing and diverse senior-level teams makes her a highly effective and Trusted Executive Search Adviser to many leading firms around the world.

Kathryn Willaims photo

Group Director and Head of Delivery, Americas, Hogan Certified Assessor

Pacific’s Assessment Solution for Senior-level and C-suite Candidates

Predict Performance and Cultivate Strategic Self-Awareness with Hogan Assessments

Hogan’s personality assessments have been validated in countries all over the globe. This means their personality and performance metrics integrate different cultural norms and personality traits. They measure:

  • The Bright Side of Personality: how we get along with others and achieve our goals when we are at our best
  • The Dark Side of Personality: strengths that can become weaknesses in times of stress or complacency
  • The Inside of Personality: the core goals and drivers that determine what we desire and what motivates us
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Hogan Assessment Insights

Potential Report: How others see us is rarely how we see ourselves. The Potential report focuses on seven dimensions of personality to explain how others would describe a leader’s everyday behavior and approach to work.

Challenge Report: When a leader is faced with stress or pressure, personality characteristics that might otherwise be strengths emerge as weaknesses. The Challenge report is designed to identify career-derailing behaviors that can interfere with building a cohesive and high-performing team.

Values Report: Our core values drive our behavior, aspirations, and expectations, and they determine leadership style, unconscious biases, and alignment with organizational culture. The Values report shines light on the type of work environment the leader will create.

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There are many reasons why Pacific International is Xylem’s go-to partner for senior-level business-critical roles: they treat every engagement with utmost importance and execute them with diligence and care which results in transformational and diverse talent joining our company globally. I am glad that we have them as a trusted adviser and premier talent acquisition and executive search partner for Xylem globally and I am looking forward to an ongoing successful cooperation.

Niklas Naunheim, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner DACH, Xylem

Our experience with Pacific was very positive and unique. Senior and complex roles in a specific niche seems to be just another day for them. Their process is very thorough and all candidates we have been presented with were relevant and suitable to the role. No time wasted, fast search and turn around. An Executive Search that initially seemed to be hard, painful and long, turned out to be pleasant, fast and successful with them. I’m very satisfied with their support and looking forward to working with Pacific again.

Renata Moruzzi, Senior Partner, Transformation, APM Terminals

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Pacific International Executive Search on many projects and I can confidently say they are a fantastic trusted talent acquisition partner.

I want to highlight their relentless commitment and ownership in making sure everything is aligned, information is accurate, and deadlines are achieved. The team’s transparent communication throughout the whole process and unquestionable technical ability are a great combination that guarantees success.

Alessandro Prieto, Human Resources Director - Global Strategy & Transformation, Aptiv

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