Women in Leadership Series. Part 3

Woman in Leadership

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In the third instalment of the Women in Leadership series, Isobel interviews Process Excellence expert Carole Plant, who works in the Financial Services industry. She discusses her favourite methodology in transformation, how to gain the trust of employees in a global organisation and how men can assist more women in reaching leadership positions.

Beginning her Six Sigma career at General Electric, Carole has a wealth of experience and now chooses to focus primarily in the banking space. Appearing in the 100 Leading Ladies book by Nancy Honey, Carole Plant is a truly inspirational woman. To read her insights into Process Excellence in Financial Services, challenges and accomplishments and her views on women in leadership, download our white paper by clicking on the following link –

Women in Leadership – Carole Plant Part 3

If you would like to participate in the series, please get in touch with our Global Marketing Executive, Isobel Wright on LinkedIn or email her on isobel.wright@pacific-international.com