Women in Leadership. Part 5

Woman in Leadership

In Pacific’s fifth edition of the Women in Leadership series, Nina Muhleisen speaks about the digital transformation startup, Three6 that she founded in 2018. Beginning her career in the Manufacturing and Automotive sectors, Nina went on to work in Financial Services before setting up her own company which focusses on the people element of digital transformation rather than the technology, working with organisations to understand their vision and goals.

Nina touches on what motivates her, what she looks for when building a team and different types of mentors that have been important to her career and professional growth. She also speaks in length about the challenges and personal experiences on being a woman in a leadership position.

Pacific’s series on Women in Leadearship is a professional celebration of senior women across the globe within the change and transformation space.

To access the paper, follow the link:

Women in Leadership – Nina Muhleisen Part 5

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