The Challenge

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The organisational development of the client, who employs close to 20,000 FTEs across the globe, can be described by constant changes in the past 10 years, which was fueled by a history of inorganic growth. Against this backdrop, many local and regional CI initiatives have been conducted, but not with the company’s newly set strategic goals at the core of the program. A fundamental change in thinking now also meant, that the previously separated departments of Continuous Improvement and Quality, for the first time in the client’s history, needed to be combined under one leadership and cohesive strategy.

The Solution

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Pacific started the search via detailed discussion with the relevant stakeholders, including a board member present in Europe, to identify and pinpoint the real challenges and opportunities of this cross-functional leadership role. Supported by these valuable insights, the project team, lead by Pacific’s Düsseldorf office, supported the client not only on developing a bespoke and precise job description, but also to obtain an overview about the market’s current financial demands including long-term incentive plans. Finally, at the start of the search it was agreed, for Pacific to deliver a diverse candidate shortlist considering but not limited to ethnicity and gender.

The Results

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This project was the first Vice-President mandate with this client and we identified the majority of the shortlist of exclusively passive candidate, via Pacific’s well connected network of process excellence leaders in the market. Pacific having met in person with the successful future incumbent, was a key moment, to provide commitment and trust, both to the client and the candidate alike. On completion of the project, Pacific has since been retained on a number of other VP and Senior Director level position covering strategic business operations across the globe.