The Challenge

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The organisation had been experiencing significant growth due to a recent acquisition and was expected to double in size over the next two years as they added multiple production lines to their site. Given the volatility of the market, and bottleneck constraints on their supply chain, our client needed an analytical mind to support the Procurement Manager our firm recently placed in the business.

The perfect candidate needed not only a strong procurement and cost-savings background, but the ability to execute with minimal resources. A strong negotiator and creative thinker was required to set the organization up for success. This person needed the tenacity to seek out gaps in the day-to-day procurement processes to drive cost savings. This challenge was exacerbated by the demand that this fast-paced site and multiple projects would surely impose on the right candidate.

The Solution

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Having placed a strong Procurement Manager into the business a few months prior, we had a solid understanding of our client’s struggles and the type of individual they needed in this role. The relationship built between our firm and the new hiring manager proved to be a major reason this role was filled so quickly.

With a strong background in purchasing and contract negotiations across multiple industries, the candidate offered the perfect mix of project experience and interpersonal skills to fit the client’s needs.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified, taken through the interview process, and accepted an offer just over a month after he was first presented to the client. He is quickly acclimating to the fast-paced environment and making breakthroughs that his leaders are impressed with. He holds an integral role as the company brings in new suppliers to support their new production lines and growth targets.