The Challenge

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This was the second mandate following the successful delivery of a leadership profile within the same manufacturing site. This complex scenario surrounding the search was multi-fold, the first focused on finding a strong leadership profile with strong soft skills, which also possessed the right technical skills. The second challenge being the profile sought after was very scarce due to the broad experience required for the role. Lastly, the site was in an isolated area in the south of Netherlands, therefore the talent pool being targeted was very limited.

The Solution

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Pacific conducted a thorough mapping of the local market; focusing on identifying key organisations as well profiles to target within those organisations, the focus was to be very meticulous to ensure no profile was missed. Parallel to this, Pacific also advised the client to broaden the target radius and search for profiles from other neighbouring countries, focusing on more prospering labour markets to see if a solution could be found which involved relocating the right talent.

The Results

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Pacific executed on this strategy and identified a candidate which fit the requirements of the role and was willing to relocate from a neighbouring country. Not only was the profile possessing all the key requirements associated to role such as experience, technical, soft and leadership skills. The hire was also a diversity profile, which further supported the organisation on their DE&I agenda. The business is now stable and has the right leadership in place to support the business growth agenda.