The Challenge

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To spearhead further growth and implement best-in-class standards across the whole organization, the company hired a transformational Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations. Amid a period of dynamic growth predominantly fueled by strategic acquisitions, the company faced another pivotal challenge. Their reliance on a multitude of contract manufacturers to produce a wide array of products necessitated a more refined and strategic approach to managing these critical relationships. The need was clear: a Senior Sourcing Manager adept in not just navigating but enhancing the integration between the company’s R&D and operations teams and their contract manufacturers. This required a professional with deep expertise in sourcing within the realm of contract manufacturing, paired with a strong foundation in chemical engineering.

The Solution

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Pacific International has extensive Consumer Goods market expertise and a strong referral network of engaged contacts to call upon. The team has successfully placed Operational Excellence, Quality, EHS, and HR leaders at many market-leading FMCG companies.

Pacific’s team leveraged their knowledge of the client’s culture and strategic goals to formulate a great story they could take to the market to attract the right kind of candidate. The client’s growth journey powered by their values deeply steeped in sustainability provided a compelling backdrop to attract an excellent candidate who wants to make an impact and be part of a mission-driven brand that genuinely cares about its people.

Utilizing our knowledge in the space, we deployed a concise and effective strategy of identifying talent from a pre-agreed list of target organizations, as well as mapping out the local talent market to bring in high-impact individuals for this strategic role.

The Results

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Navigating the complexities of the market, which included a scarcity of candidates who had both sourcing experience and a chemical engineering background, we successfully identified several strong candidates. A clear winner quickly emerged through the interview process, a local candidate who had recently joined the client’s organization. In the brief period since his arrival, he has actively engaged in enhancing their processes and has begun initiatives to consolidate their contract manufacturing partners.