The Challenge

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Given the organisations doubling in size over the past five years, they were investing back into operational excellence and looking for a strong leader to help optimize the site. The client needed a highly experienced leader with a track record in leading large transformations across similar industries with a team of up to fifty.

The Solution

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Pacific was new to the organisation, the client had high expectations and a great need for a leader to make a true difference to the organisation. They turned to Pacific on many different roles within their Operational Excellence team, however this leadership role was the most crucial as they would be building out the complete strategy for the team and 2000-person site.

Utilizing our knowledge of the market, we were able to place a seasoned candidate into the position that had experience leading Lean and Operational Excellence with a large Aerospace organization. This candidate was extremely skilled in the Continuous Improvement, but he also had over twenty years of experience in leading change globally.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified through a referral from our network. He interviewed, did an international site visit, and accepted the offer. With his extremely motivational and strong leadership style, he was able to hit the ground running at the organisation and had developed a go to action plan before joining the team. Additionally, he was able to visit the site headquarters in the Netherlands to continue to build the partnership prior to joining.