The Challenge

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This search is a part of a larger search project with the organisation, with Pacific supporting on 20 searches. As their organisation is going through a significant transformation within the U.S., they are looking to increase their brand recognition and drive more innovative products within the marketplace. The business needed a unique skillset to support the sales team, serving as a strategic partner in addition to acting as the voice of sales across the business.

The Solution

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As supporting manufacturing organisations is one of our core functions, Pacific was able to quickly map out the market for young, high potential sales professionals within the food manufacturing industry in California. We were quickly able to identify the candidate and move them through the interview process. The candidate brings strong sales capabilities to the table along with an energetic and collaborative nature.

The Results

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The candidate was identified, put through the interview process, and accepted an offer within a three week period. A candidate previously from Southern California, he was quite excited to relocate back home near his family and move into an organisation where he could truly make an impact. Across his first few months in the organisation, he has been able to partner across the organisation to help them understand the point of view of the sales team. He’s also taken a hand at being a strategic advisor to the sales team, helping them develop sales playbooks and key performance indicators.