The Challenge

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The client needed a candidate that was accountable and extremely experienced in security as they would be directly responsible for minimizing the risk of theft in the organisation. They needed to bring in a strong leader that could challenge and build out current programs while being the GO-TO person for security.

The Solution

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Utilizing our knowledge of both the local and North American market, we were able to place a candidate within the business. This candidate was extremely skilled in security and had diverse industry experience from a Fortune 500 company. He had built out strong security standards, dealt with crises across the continent, and implemented technologies across his global organisation.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified, interviewed, accepted an offer, and started in his new role in a six-week span. With his strong background in Security and his eagerness for the new role, the candidate hit the ground running and began to make positive changes and adjustments for the organization’s security strategies.