The Challenge

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Following a recent multi-billion-dollar acquisition, the Senior Vice President and Head of Transformation highlighted a number of newly acquired manufacturing plants in Mexico that required Lean Management deployment. The talent acquisition requirement of five Lean Transformation Leaders would need to focus on individuals who could be based locally in the cities of Monterrey, Reynosa and Querétaro but who could also operate as internal consultants and travel across Mexico, US and Europe. A unique mix of strategic leaderships and hands-on execution and shop-floor exposure was also a key requirement for the search.

The Solution

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As the global strategic talent acquisition partner for the client in Europe and the US, Pacific had a robust and successful process already defined with the client, but we needed to build a network in Mexico. Our Spanish speaking research consultants were engaged to assist the Key Account Manager for the project, and we were able to map the market of global manufacturing and engineering businesses in the Mexican market with similar lean or operational excellence programmes. Using our video interview platform to deliver a shortlist to the Nordic based client allowed the process to move quickly whilst being able to assess technical and English language skills required for the positions.

The Results

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Pacific delivered the full team of five Lean Transformation Leaders to the client with four of the successful candidates locally based in Mexico (from automotive, aerospace or machinery sectors) and one of the individuals being identified in Europe as a ‘re-patriated Mexican national’.