The Challenge

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Given the fact that the organisation was growing rapidly in North America and building out multiple practices, they needed an Energy Practice Manager that was detail oriented, organized, and strong in their communication skills. The client needed a pivotal leader who could start the Practice off on the right foot and be a change agent for the business.

The Solution

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Utilizing our knowledge of the market, we were able to place a diverse candidate into the position that had been a member of our internal network for over a year. This candidate was extremely skilled in the energy space, and she also had over a decade of experience in solving complex problems for clients in the space.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified through our network, interviewed, and accepted the offer within two months. With her extremely passionate and positive approach, she was able to hit the ground running at the organization. She has already begun to prove herself as a valued Manager. Additionally, she has continued to be a partner with Pacific in helping to prepare future candidates.