The Challenge

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As this role was newly created, they were looking for someone with strong leadership skills (which had been lacking in their own previous sourced candidates) with a strong technical background in both software development and either autonomous or off highway vehicles.

The Solution

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Since Pacific had previously delivered candidates across the business globally, the client asked us to deliver on this critical newly created position for an extremely innovative business unit. The team turned to us as we had successfully placed multiple leaders in their business across many different units.

Using our knowledge and network in this space, as well as target companies the organization had respect for, Pacific target mapped for the position, and a wide range of experienced candidates both local to Boston and relocatable. After some initial interviews with highly experienced and seasoned candidates, the Pacific team looked into some more high potential candidates that could step up into the Director level role to provide some diversity in the talent pool.

The Results

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In less than three months, Pacific identified and delivered a high potential and extremely skilled Senior Product Manager at a local competitor in Boston that was a strong fit with the company culture and necessary skills for the position. The candidate happily started in the new position in August of 2022 and has been a great addition to the team thus far.