The Challenge

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Driven by the desire of our client to move towards a more operational excellence culture, Pacific had been retained to help the organization find succession plan that was able to observe and implement improvements in areas such as segmentation, Lean strategies and Digital Solutions.

Our client needed an inspirational individual based in France, able to lead the European customer excellence and care team with the aim to produce high quality service to customers and ensure their satisfaction and ongoing net promoter score improvements.

The Solution

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Based on our knowledge of the market (including numerous Manufacturing networks in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) and our native French speaking executive search consultants, we were able to quickly target and connect with candidates. Focused within the target area, we identified a shortlist of the best talent within 4 weeks. The shortlist was a equal gender split too.

The Results

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Pacific delivered the mandate successfully and with a female leader headhunted from a well know chemical manufacturer based in the area. We were able to introduce a profile which possessed the technical competencies which we were seeking as well as the relevant soft skills which complimented the leadership aspect of the role.