The Challenge

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The client engaged us after struggling to find leaders with a scientific technical background and top-level project management skills, on the US north east region. The VP of Executive Talent Acquisition selected Pacific’s expertise in CMC Project Management after an internal restructuring left this new department with three Director-level headcount as well as find the hiring manager(the SVP), stranded in Europe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

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With a strong legacy and network of delivering experienced talent in CMC Project Management and gene therapy at other clients, we were able to leverage organic current network for new targeted referrals. Additionally, we provided the SVP an agile search model and utilized our bespoke video recording technology to overcome challenges in working globally. The quality of the candidate shortlist was key to the success of the team build.

The Results

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This team build project was successfully completed by taking advantage of our strong network of trusted referrals and targeted market mapping with all three individuals identified being female leaders with the technical skills required. Our practice team continue to support the organisation and we are delivering search projects across the Manufacturing Operations and other departments.