The Challenge

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The leading global provider of rooftop mounting systems has been in an exclusive partnership with Pacific International in Europe for several years. They recently expanded this collaboration to North America. As the organization looks to venture into the digital market, it identified a need for a Director of Business Development & Partnerships, someone with extensive experience in the digital space to develop and implement partnerships for its ongoing digital transformation. This individual is pivotal in playing a critical role in shaping and executing the strategy for business partnerships related to digital transformation.

The Solution

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In high-growth fields like Solar and Renewable Energy, where skilled professionals are in short supply, a proactive strategy becomes essential to overcome sourcing challenges. In candidate-driven markets like these, the effectiveness of an Executive Recruiter relies on the robustness of their professional network, the trust and reputation they have carefully built within the industry over the years, and their impressive skill in utilizing this network for valuable referrals. These elements play a crucial role in the success of a project, enabling recruiters to pinpoint and attract outstanding talent for their clients.

Pacific’s team developed a comprehensive appointment brief, focusing on identifying an individual whose values and purpose aligned seamlessly with the company’s ethos. This candidate not only needed the requisite skills but also the innate ability to forge strong connections, inspire colleagues, and navigate the pitfalls of digital transformation.

Over 200 candidates made the longlist as Pacific cast a wide net to identify high-impact individuals across renewable energy and related sectors. Knowing that diversity plays a key part in any mandates we work on, we were particularly proud that 75% of interviewed candidates came from underrepresented groups.

The Results

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A thorough research-led process, a sequence of comparative video interviews, and multiple rounds of client interviews culminated in the selection of a diverse candidate possessing substantial expertise in formulating and implementing strategies for business partnerships in the realm of digital transformation. All involved stakeholders, including the COO, expressed great satisfaction with the caliber of the presented candidates, the expeditiousness of the process, and the overall excellence of both the candidate and client experience. The chosen candidate is thrilled with joining such a purpose-driven company and has started the new role with a period of active travel to meet with colleagues across different business units in the USA and Europe. We wish him every success.