The Challenge

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During the pandemic the Human Capital market faced uncertainty, and as we emerged from this time there was still a hesitancy to move jobs, particularly in an industry where typical tenure levels are 10+ years in a role. Combined with this landscape, the project had a specific requirement to find a candidate with strong sales, technical and personal skills, which meant we had to consider personality and communication styles to ensure the team would perform well long term.

The Solution

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As the first multi-hire project with this client, we were retained to not only to deliver the talent acquisition searches but also to establish connections, maintain a consistent process, and provide a positive customer experience to all parties involved. We were selected because of our unique approach and our video interviewing platform, which enabled the customer to move quickly upon review and allowed Pacific to provide a straight through process of delivery.

The Results

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All processes were successfully run in parallel to search for the individuals who are now collaborating as a team. We have continued to build on the relationship with the client and continue to delivery multi-hire projects in other regions from our other offices based in Germany and the US.