The Challenge

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As the Human Capital landscape continues to change, our client’s Talent Acquisition & Development team had been undergoing a global transformation and needed a leader that was able to build the global strategy for talent assessment, candidate experience, digitization, data analytics and predictive tools on top of partnering with the Chief Diversity Officer to drive the diversity and inclusion program forward.

The organization needed a balanced individuals with background in talent acquisition and also demonstrable experiences in an advanced DE&I program as well. Given the visibility and scope of role, the ideal candidate would have the capability of being the next Global Talent Director for the firm.

The Solution

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Pacific had successfully delivered for this client in several different leadership areas across the U.S and Europe, most relevantly for this role in the HR leadership space. This lead the client to again engaged Pacific to identify what they deemed “a unicorn” candidate after internal resources drew a blank.

Using our legacy of knowledge and network, Pacific was able to target organizations that ran advanced DE&I programs to identify and present a shortlist that would have the right combination of skills our client needed. Pacific was able to give them a diverse shortlist of talent within 6 weeks of commencing the search.

The Results

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The project was successfully completed with a diverse female candidate who was headhunted via a blue-chip CPG and consulting background.

She was identified, interviewed and accepted position in less than 3 months. A very engaging and creative leader, she is already making waves in the organization a few months in and will transform the areas identified, including working with Pacific to further support their DE&I program with key leadership hires in the coming years.