Rebecca Aickin

Executive Search Associate

Rebecca Aicken Executive Search Associate

Rebecca joined Pacific International’s London team in October 2023 as an Executive Search Associate.

Becca earned her BA in French and Latin from the University of Exeter, with a unique experience of living and studying in Montreal, Canada. This allowed her to step out of her comfort zone and immerse herself in a new and diverse culture.

During her academic journey, Becca worked in several roles in the hospitality industry, gaining invaluable customer service expertise and interpersonal skills.

Becca’s interest in executive search arises from the prospect of engaging with a broad spectrum of businesses at the highest level. She’s driven by the opportunity to employ and refine her problem-solving and research abilities in this field. Moreover, Becca aspires to focus on facilitating diverse appointments for organizations.

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Outside of work, Becca enjoys running and surfing. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and going for walks in the countryside.